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The Flop House

Elliott Kalan, Dan McCoy, and Stuart Wellington are friends who’ve decided to express that friendship not by doing productive or enjoyable things, but instead by watching critical or commercial flops, and then discussing those terrible movies for you to enjoy in your ear-holes. Although, honestly, most of the time they just talk about random nonsense.

Oct 26, 2009

0:00 - 0:56 - Introduction, APOLOGY, and theme
0:57 - 4:00 - The return of Dan's least favorite reoccurring segment.
4:01 - 41:41- Dan, Stu, and Elliott make vicious fun of a movie you've never heard of, giving the lie to their claim that they're too nice to kick a film when it's down.
41:42 - 44:53- Final...

Oct 18, 2009

Our first ever video podcast lets you join us in NYC, at the UCB Theater, for the Flop House's guest appearance on Andy Rocco's Hipster Show.

Oct 10, 2009

0:00 - 0:34 - Introduction and SPOOKY theme
0:35 - 2:27 - The usual off-topic nonsense up front.
2:28 - 30:44- Finally, the pro-abortion, anti-holocaust, Jewish demon horror story you've been waiting for! The Unborn.
30:45 - 34:04- Final judgments
34:05 - 39:29 - Movie Mailbag
39:30 - 47:11 - A special SHOCKTOBER sad...